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Shaanxi Network Public Opinion Research Base
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Shaanxi Network Public Opinion Research Base is a research institution specializing in the practice of Shaanxi network security and information construction, which is co-established by Office of Shaanxi Provincial Committee Cyberspace affair Leading Group and School of Journalism and New Media in Xi'an Jiaotong University. The research fields are the frontier issues of internet development, network and new media development, and public opinion. The Base coordinates relevant professors, experts and scholars from universities and the government to carry out targeted research work, and plays a leading role in the theoretical and practical research of network public opinion disposal.

The Base is guided by Marxism and adheres to the four basic principles. In order to promote the development of network security and information technology in Shaanxi Province and contribute to the construction of strong network in Shaanxi, the tasks of the Base are to follow up and deeply study practices with the characteristics, monitoring, judging and responding of Shaanxi's network public opinion. It is responsible for carrying out statistical investigations on the development of Shaanxi's network new media and the status of network public opinion, conducting seminars and academic exchanges, conducting training of senior talents in internet information work, carrying out international and domestic exchanges and cooperation in the field of internet development, providing decision-making support for relevant government departments and public welfare research and consulting services for enterprises, users and research institutions.


Currently, the Base mainly publishes two kinds of internal references, namely, Public Opinion Research and Public Opinion Observation.

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