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Research Center of Government New Media
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The Research Center of Government New Media in Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) was established in October 2016, which belongs to the School of Journalism and New Media of XJTU. Professor Li Mingde, the dean of the School of Journalism and New Media, serves as the chief expert of the Center, while Associate Professor Chen Qiang serves as the director of the Center. With the position of think tank of Party and government organizations and departments, cradle of government new media talents, focusing on the theoretical and practical issues of government new media, and based on the West region and serving the West region, the Center is a research institution integrating scientific research, training and consultation. While training local talents of government new media, the Center actively establishes partnership with Party and government organizations, and carries out business activities in the fields of research, operation, decision-making consultation and professional training of government new media.

The Center mainly focuses on the following directions: (1) government new media and network public opinion governance, such as government new media network public opinion response model and strategy; (2) the impact of government new media on youth groups, especially political impact; (3) the international impact of government new media, especially national strategic communication and national image enhancement; (4) institutional system construction of government new media work. Currently, the Center has undertaken two projects of the National Social Science Fund of China for Youth, one ethnic study project of the National Ethnic Affairs Commission of China, one major project of the Social Science Fund of Xian City, one special project and one general project (first-class) of the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, and one major theoretical and practical research project of the Social Science Community in Shaanxi Province in 2019, one Post-Doctoral Research Grant Project (first-class) in Shaanxi Province, one Educational Science Planning Project in Shaanxi Province, and two projects of Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities.

The government new media policy-making reports written by the Center have been adopted by the Shaanxi Provincial Decision-making Advisory Committee and the General Administrative Office of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee, and approved by the main leaders of the Shaanxi Provincial Government. According to one report, the General Administrative Office of the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government issued policy documents, and the report won the the 3rd prize of the 2017 Excellent Decision-Making Award of Shaanxi Provincial Decision-making Advisory Committee and the 2nd prize of the 2017 Provincial Party and Government Leadership Outstanding Research Achievement. The Center published 2017 National Government Weibo Activity Evaluation Report and 2017 Shaanxi Province Government New Media Impact Assessment Report. In December 2018, cooperated with Today's Headlines and Beijing Qingbo Big Data Technology Co., Ltd.. the Center released the Xi'an Regional Impact List.

Since its establishment, the Center has provided more than 40 special training courses to many organizations, such as Cyberspace Administration of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Shaanxi Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, the Communist Youth League of Shaanxi Provincial Committee, the Higher Education Working Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Party, Henan Branch of Southern Airline, Shaanxi Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China, Shaanxi Electric Power Company of the State Grid, Cyberspace Administration of Tongchuan Municipal Party Committee, Cyberspace Administration of Yulin Municipal Party Committee, Tongchuan Municipal United Front Department, Hanzhong Local Taxation Bureau, Guangan Network Public Opinion Bureau, Guangan Public Security Bureau, and Xinhua Net.

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