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The 24 solar terms of XJTU 仙交大的二十四节气
Source:   Date: 2019-05-22   Visits:

立春 the Beginning of Spring

雨水 Rain Water

惊蛰 the Waking of Insects

春分 the Spring Equinox

清明 Pure Brightness

谷雨 Grain Rain

立夏 the Beginning of Summer

小满 Grain Full

芒种 Grain in Ear

夏至 the Summer Solstice

小暑 Slight Heat

大暑 Great Heat

立秋 the Beginning of Autumn

处暑 Stopping the Heat

白露 White Dews

秋分 Autumn Equinox

寒露 Cold Dews

霜降 Hoar-frost Falls

立冬 the Beginning of Winter 

小雪 Light Snow

大雪 Heavy Snow

冬至 Winter Solstice

小寒 Slight Cold

大寒 Great Cold

Source From: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/4rcMiuadYoFtPE59QhqRDg

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