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【Good News】 Our school has won 5 awards of Shaanxi University Humanities and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement
Source:   Date: 2019-06-07   Visits:

Recently, 2019 Shaanxi University Humanities and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award was published. The team of Professor Li mingde won the 1st prize with the paper named "The empirical study on the influence of media contact on off-line public affairs participation behavior of rural youth: based on the survey of rural areas in rour northwest provinces". Professor Chen jiyin won the 2nd prize with the paper named "Application and prospect of artificial intelligence in journalism communication", as well as Meng shengjun’s team with the book named "Study on public opinion guidance of social media : theoretical analysis, effect influencing factors and practice model". Research reports of Professor Yang Lin’s team and Associate Professor Chen qiang’s team won the 3rd prize, which named "Study on the dissemination and acceptance effect of urban civilization idea—based on the investigation and analysis of 'cars give way to pedestrians' activity in Xi’an" and "Be vigilant and correct the tendency of "zombie" in government new media" respectively.

It is reported that 2019 Shaanxi University Humanities and Social Sciences Research Outstanding Achievement Awards have approved 519 awards, including 98 first prizes, 155 second prizes, 259 third prizes, and 7 achievement popularization awards. Five awards were approved out of 6 application in our school, with a award rate of 83%. The specific information are shown in the table below.







The Empirical Study on the Influence of Media Contact on Off-line Public Affairs Participation Behavior of Rural Youth: Based on the Survey of Rural Areas in Four Northwest Provinces


Li tianlong,

Li mingde,

Zhang zhijian

1st Prize


Application and Prospect of Artificial Intelligence in Journalism Communication

Research Report

Chen jiyin

2nd Prize


Study on Public Opinion Guidance of Social Media: Theoretical Analysis, Effect Influencing Factors and Practical Model


Meng shengjun,

Li mingde,

Zhang li, Li jianfei

2nd Prize


Study on the Dissemination and Acceptance Effect of Urban Civilization IdeaBased on the Investigation and Analysis of 'Cars Give Way to Pedestrians' Activity in Xian

Research Report

Yang ling,

Wang xiaomeng,

Wang yingying,

Lin mei, Tan xin,

Zhang yufei

3rd Prize


Be Vigilant and Correct the Tendency of "Zombie" in Government New Media

Research Report

Chen qiang,

Li mingde

3rd Prize

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